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I heard a quote   that expressed the sentiment that "we are transformed by what we love."  If this is true, consider the wonderful attributes a llama has to offer; they are PATIENT, GENTLE, CURIOUS, QUIET, INTELLIGENT, CALM, EAGER TO PLEASE, CONCERNED FOR OTHERS, and TRUSTING (to mention a few).  I bet you never thought of this benefit of owning llamas.  At any rate, as we travel through life, God uses many people, experiences, and things to impact us.  Certainly, our lives have been transformed as a result of owning these incredible animals. 
Our intention is to keep our herd small so as to concentrate on soundness, conformation, fiber and personality.  For 20 years we have maintained our herd size to around 35.  We are not interested in breeding a female for the simple purpose of accumulating offspring.  Our goal is to produce quality llamas who are used to being handled and tolerate being around people.  We want you to enjoy these animals as much as we do. 
We have collected the best bloodlines from throughout the United States paying close attention to good milking and mothering genetics, gentleness, fiber, and conformation.  We are also committed to the highest quality health care and record keeping for our animals.   Every animal is micro-chipped and registered with the International Llama Registry and is weighed and examined monthly.  I have personal contact with each animal on a daily basis. 
The Scripture verse on our business card best reflects our view of life, these animals, and how we want to run our farm and business: "whatever is true...honorable...just...pure.. lovely...gracious, if there is any excellence...anything worthy of praise, think about these things..." (Phil. 4:8-9)  We are convinced that we must deal with people in an honest and up front manner. Selling someone a llama oftentimes means the start of a new relationship as we make ourselves available to answer any questions any time.  That is fine with us.   Owning llamas brings all sorts of blessings.  We hope that your life can be enriched, too. 

I believe that quality is better than quantity, people are more important than money, honesty is more important than making a sale, mentoring is vital, and that you cannot go wrong with a Buck Hollow llama!

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