Farm Visits                                                                         

 Costs: $15/per person per hr.             By appointment only.                                     
This includes a short educational time, going in with the herd for kisses and a short walk and pictures.   The  BHLF store will be open at this time too. 

LLamas at your wedding                                 

Cost:  $270/ hour/llama or $475/ hour/ 2 llamas (with a 1 hour min )   plus travel and set up time .                                

Llamas serve as a nice diversion during the cocktail hour while the bride and groom are with their photographer.   Guests take selfies with the llama (s) and experience these unique creatures in a very special way.    The bride and groom can also include the llama(s) in their photo session.      

Photo sessions  on the farm for Engagement, Senior Pictures,  Prom   

Cost:  $100/ hour             You must provide your own photographer;  Photos limited to farm and pond area only.   

Rent a llama for a special occasion    

Birthday, Graduation , Retirement, Promposal, Engagement,  Showers...

Cost: $135/half hour   plus travel and set up.     Half hour minimum                                                                             

Educational session on the farm        

Cost:  $150/ hour
Book a field trip to the farm (Required adult to student ratio is 1/4)  15 max.

Educational Session off the farm

Cost: $195/ hour plus travel time   Hour minimum

Educational session on llamas, llama care  or  llama fiber.


BIRTHDAY PARTY ON THE FARM     (ages 7 to 107)                   

Cost:  $285 for a 2 hour party  (limit 8 children with 2 adults required)

Our part of the party includes:  educational time,  in with the herd (25+) time,  a short walk,   individual picture time with a llama,  a craft to make and take home, and gift opening time.   Each guest receives a $5 Buck Hollow Buck to spend at the $5 table in the store Or they can just keep it as a souvenir.

We also have $10  custom llama puzzles or custom llama charms available for purchase as a favor.

Your job is to supply the birthday person, the guests (children limit to 8 plus a 1:4 ratio of child to adult) and the food, drinks and paper products.  

The individual picture time is perfect to get each guest in a picture with his or her llama.   Use the pictures to make personalized thank you card.


Virtual Field Trip for Schools

Cost:   $100 for half an hour

Call or email to set up a mutually convenient time to visit the farm and have a lesson on:

1.  All  About Llamas:  this field trip will involve an  up close and personal visit with 30 or so llamas and crias (baby llamas)  as  I educate you to their uses, behavior and care.   With a time for questions build in.

2. Life Lessons Learned from Llamas:  This session also involves an up close visit with the llamas while sharing the life lessons learned from them.

For example:  "not learning to share can be a messy deal"  with an explanation of how i learned that from the llamas.  or "sometimes you need to give someone their space." 



Andrew Mullen from Tredyffrin/Easttown School District said:

Carol spoke to students in grades 5-8 at our middle school.  Her presentation was engaging, entertaining and educational.  The kids loved learning about her unique and beautiful llamas.   It was the best "virtual field trip" of the year!  

Make an appointment to come visit (610 582 9051).   Our address is

409 Buck Hollow Rd.. Birdsboro, PA 19508