The Buck Hollow Grooming/Vetting Chute is the best in the industry--Sturdy, safe, and portable.  It is built to last and can stay inside or out.  The galvanized steel protects if from the elements.  This chute is used in vet hospitals and by professional shearers across the country.  It works for both llamas and alpacas.   It can be broken down in about three minutes and put up in the same amount of time.  Don't take my word for it,  I will be happy to give you references.  I only order a certain number of chutes each year so please contact me for current numbers in stock and pricing.


Ordering Chutes April 27, 2020 

If you want to reserve a chute, please email me or go to Contact, to let me know.  The current cost is $1200 plus shipping and tax (if you live in PA).

I only order 1 or 2 over my "spoken for" number  so i would advise not leaving it to chance.