The Small Farm with the BIG Reputation

All About Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc.


Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc is located in a beautiful valley in southeastern Pennsylvania and home to 35 llamas.  Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc was established in 1996 to grace the fields of the then 200 year old farm house and barn owned by Douglas and Carol Reigh.  Doug and Carol first purchased llamas for the practical purpose of aiding in the field and lawn maintenance. The single horse they owned was not making a dent in keeping the fields mowed, so soon she was replaced by 4 llamas.  They certainly did a better job and were MUCH less work.  It didn’t take long for Carol to realize that she did not want to just own 4 llamas; she wanted to breed and make a business out of it.  Somewhat skeptical but supportive, Doug said, “Do it.” Well, many years  and many llamas later, Buck Hollow Llamas, Inc is going strong and has some of the finest bloodlines in the country.

Concentrating on conformation and gentle dispositions has been a primary goal of BHLF’s breeding program.  You can always sell a well conformed animal or a nice animal. Fiber quality was something that just happened in this herd. By dumb luck, the first herd sire, BAL Harrison consistently threw micron counts of 20 and less with super gentle dispositions and show quality conformation.  BHLF has won National recognition with its fiber.  Buck Hollow’s other herd sires include a famous E-line son, Eskalero, RE Zepher (Argentine) , GNLC Full Turn (Merlin), BHLF Hail Storm (Zepher),  and Harvard (Chill Factor) and we co-own KVF Mufasa  with Westerham Farms in VA.  Since Carol is the main farm hand, her goal is to stay between 25-35 animals. 

If she does not sell the cria from each year, she does not breed as many.  She will not sell an animal for the sake of getting rid of it.  A good home is of utmost importance for her to complete a sale; she wants her animals to get good homes, and for her clients to love the animals they have.  Her goal is quality over quantity. Anyone can put crias on the ground. She buys from all over the country to get the bloodlines that fit into the BHLF breeding program and that are healthy, good producers and milkers.

Beside selling llamas, Carol also sells the BHLF grooming/vetting chute, llama minerals, the Jug waterer, fabulous llama yarn, hand woven/one of a kind, llama rugs, and a custom Llama Scramble Square Puzzle.  Recently she went on a business trip to Peru to look for quality Camelid garments to sell in her small store. BHLF now carries an exclusive, reasonably priced, line of beautiful clothing.   All of these practical products help to keep her business thriving. 

Upon selling a llama, Carol makes sure the future owners are educated as to what all is involved in owning llamas because it is important for both the owner and llama to be happy.  Since 1996, Carol has served 6 years on the board of PA Llama and Alpaca Association with 2 as V.P. and 2 as President, on the GALA board for 12 years with 3 years as V.P.  and 5 as secretary.   In 2007, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 she co-chaired the largest educational Camelid conference in the country.  

She has also taught an Adult Education Class on Camelid Care through a local school district and heads up the Eastern/Pa fiber sort for the LLama Fiber Cooperative of North America.
She truly enjoys helping the owners learn to better care for their llamas and to inform the curious on-looker that llamas are not mean. Life is good here at Buck Hollow: God has truly blessed our lives.

I believe quality is better than quantity, people are more important than money, honesty is more important than making a sale, mentoring is vital and that you cannot go wrong with a Buck Hollow llama!